All You Need to Know About Mindfulness-Based Approach at Global Sevilla

All You Need to Know About Mindfulness Based Approach at Global Sevilla

Character education is the main focus of teaching students in Indonesia. One program that can build the character of these students is the mindfulness program, which is carried out by Global Sevilla, an international school di Jakarta Barat. The use of mindfulness is beneficial as a form of psychological intervention. For more detail, here is the information for you!

Mindfulness-Based Approach at Global Sevilla

Children who live in modern times like today have quite high demands from their environment to achieve success. It also applies to academic education in schools. For this reason, many children are depressed, stressed, and anxious when studying at school. Even in developed countries, the level of mental disorders in children is increasing every day.

Therefore, as a place to carry out school education, it is necessary to equip students with soft skills. It aims to improve students’ abilities in responding to real-life to be wiser and better. For this reason, the application of this mindfulness program is one way to improve students’ abilities in terms of soft skills.

Involving All Elements of the School

Global Sevilla is becoming the first school to conduct a mindfulness program in Indonesia. All activities, starting from the basics of academics, skills in arts, and sports, are always carried out based on mindfulness. So those students become more focused and give more quality attention to an activity.

This international school Jakarta Barat itself has proven that the application of this method is very effective. And during that period, all school stakeholders always trained him every chance he got. Starting early in the lesson in the morning, this mindfulness practice continues. Teachers also use it during teaching and breaks.

School employees are also required to carry out this one program before work activities begin. Meanwhile, parents are encouraged to refocus on their breath when interacting with children. In addition to breathing focus exercises, other activities are carried out to train students’ focus at international schools, such as reading books.

Students can express their thoughts through journals, take walks to enjoy the nature around them, listen to music, and so on. This program is also often done to train students’ sensitivity, whether it’s sensitivity to yourself or others. Thus, it is expected to be able to build good student character while studying at International School Jakarta Barat.

As one of the international schools that carry the Cambridge curriculum, Global Sevilla adapts many programs from abroad that are excellent for guiding children’s development. One of them is a mindfulness program that has been adapted to build students’ character well when studying at school.